Our Story

Pastor Max Henry Maybern and his wife Nancy founded Bread of Life Ministries June 10, 1984. They were given permission to use a local building "The Glory Trail" which was a nightclub in Bartow county. Services were held there until November of 1984 when it became too cold to continue having services at this location. Max was able to acquire permission to hold the services at the local American Legion, and they continued to have the services at that location until July of 1985.

During this time God was moving on the hearts of the congregation and in particular the Simpson Family.  The Simpson family had been with Max and Nancy since the beginning and had witnessed first-hand the Anointing that God had placed on this ministry. In June of 1985, the Simpson family was moved by the Holy Spirit and gave a few acres of farmland to be the permanent home of the Bread of Life Ministry. We are forever grateful to the Simpson Family for their most gracious gift.

A few short weeks later the "Tabernacle" was constructed and the first service was held on the property where the church stands today. The Tabernacle was a small pavilion built over a fresh concrete pad. There was plenty of room for the small congregation at that time, but soon the church would grow in numbers yet again, and more room would be needed. For now, The young ministry was flourishing, and God was moving in a mighty way.

As the warmth of Summer dwindled, and the cool fall air moved in, tarps were wrapped around the posts of the tabernacle to try and preserve the heat and block some of the wind. Although this may have seemed to be an uncomfortable setting, God was continuously moving and working to grow this ministry. God had already placed a desire in the hearts of the congregation to build a permanent building, and that fall they broke ground on the building that the church occupies to this day. It was a long cold winter, but the hearts of the congregation were warmed from within with the plans for the building that would soon begin. As the cold Winter months passed and Spring warmed the ground, construction began.

November 1986. Almost a year and a half later, The building was finished, and the very first service at what is now known as The Bread of Life Christian Center is held. The church has come a long way in just a couple short years. Grown from a few members and continuing to grow over the next 30 years. We have been honored to host thousands in our congregation over the years and look forward to thousands more in the years to come. God is good all the time.

Fast-forward to 1995, the building is now the home church to many happy families. The Word of God is being shared throughout the week, and Sundays are as fruitful as they have ever been at the Bread of Life Christian Center. God has blessed the Ministry with growth once again and ground is broken for a new addition. The 35’ addition will house the new fellowship hall, a place for the families to come together for meals and ministry activities. As well as a much-needed office space up above for the Pastor and the managing staff. Life is good and God is continuing to show His love for this ministry.

Then in 2003, kids have taken over! Our teen ministry has grown over the last two decades and the fellowship hall can no longer contain them; Time to grow again! We broke ground again this year to build what is now known as the "Teen Center". A  gymnasium style building large enough to hold a full-sized basketball court and then some. We have a full-sized stage with lighting, a Baptismal pool, and a full-sized kitchen. This building is so large that it now doubles as our Fellowship hall as well; and the old fellowship hall? A perfect place for our Children’s Church, because we have just as many pre-teens at this time as we do teenagers.

June 10, 2018. 34 years of faithful service to the ministry. Pastor Max Henry Maybern and His wife Nancy have decided that the time has come to pass the torch on to a new Pastor. Together they have watched God work miracle after miracle in this ministry that he called them into so many years prior. They have seen the growth from just a few people meeting in their living room once a week, to a beautiful church campus. From a couple of families to hundreds of families over the years of service. They continue to join us week after week and enjoy the services from a new perspective. Max and Nancy have lived a life of service to God, and have shown us all what true love really is. They met in high school, fell in love, and are more in love today than the day they met. They are a blessing to us all, and we are very thankful for the example they have set before us.

June 10, 2018. Pastor Max Christopher Maybern, or Chris as we all know him, has taken up the mantle as the head pastor of the Bread of Life Christian Center. Although this is year one for Pastor Chris, he has been a part of this family his entire life and continues to teach the Word of God in the same loving spirit as his father before him. We have seen God work in this ministry through some of the greatest times as well as some of the most troublesome times. God is true to His Word yesterday, today, and forever. God is the Bread of Life, and our Bread is to do the Will of the Father. He is our Father, we are His Children, we are family.