Mission & Belief Statement

God’s love brought about in us a new life of resurrection to commune and have peace with him, by God the Son.  So, now with God the Holy Spirit being made alive in us, we have the privilege and the power to share this love and it’s wonder-working power, through our obedience to His word that is confirmed through the Spirit of God made alive in us with the whole world.

We walk, talk, pray and have our entire being in Him.  Knowing that in Him and by Him is the only place we truly have our being or our life.  So with this we will carry the testimony of who God is and what He has done by the word He sent to us by His spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered by the shedding of His blood on the Cross, cursed for our redemption, and rising from the grave to become the firstborn among many, even the Redeemed, He is Our High Priest Forever.  This is God the Son (Jesus Christ) the Messiah.

We study to show ourselves approved to be a workman and servant of our Lord.  Also to renew our minds to the Word of our God, which is the living word that brings life to those that seek it.  According to this Word, we go about the Father’s business that carries the eternal weight of His Glory, so that we may encourage one another in the more important things of God.  With this knowledge, we may now sing songs of His Holiness and the wonderful power of His Love in our daily lives.

Our Bread is to do the Will of the Father.  Blessed be the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, for His Mercy endures forever.