Youth Group

Today's youth need Jesus more than ever before. They are exposed to many counterfeits in their daily experiences from what they see on TV to what they are learning in school. Our children are our future, and they are the most important commodity we have. Our youth program focuses on teaching Biblical, Christ-centered lessons designed to teach kids to make good, daily decisions as they walk through life. We hope to help them have a strong foundation on which they will build their lives; And that foundation is Jesus. HeĀ is the way, the truth, and the life, and through him only will we find eternal salvation. By keeping Him centered in our lives we learn to grow in Him, with Him, and by Him.

Youth Ministry Director

Lori Stone has been in children's ministry for decades. Her and her Husband Donnie have been dedicated to teaching youth about Jesus Christ and continue to thrive in their ministry. They have stood strong through their own personal adversities, and through those adversities have remained strong in the Lord. We are honored to have two such highly qualified individuals working with our youth here at The Bread of Life.